Avalanche Camps

All of our staff here at Big Sandy Camp love hosting our Avalanche Retreats in the winter. We love when camp is filled up with campers again. It reminds us of the craziness and fun of summer. Every year we host three different Avalanche Camps: Junior Avalanche, Junior High Avalanche, and Senior High Avalanche. This past January we had an awesome time with campers and youth pastors from numerous churches. It is so much fun for us as a staff to get to interact with the different youth groups around us and to serve them through sessions, broomball, campfire donuts and more... 

If you missed out on Avalanche Camps this year make sure you write down the dates for 2018. We’d love to see you here at Big Sandy Camp! 

2018 Dates

  • Junior Avalanche – January 5-7, 2018
  • Senior High Avalanche – January 19-21, 2018
  • Junior High Avalanche – January 26-28, 2018

If you have any questions about Avalanche Camps at Big Sandy Camp feel free to contact our Program Director, Robert Snow, at 218-426-3389 x11 or email him at robert@bigsandycamp.com.



We had an awesome time at our avalanche camps this year. Close to 800 kids came through camp to play broomball, go tubing, and to grow in their faith. The Big Sandy Camp Staff had an awesome time hanging out with all of the youth groups and individual campers that were here. We can’t wait until next year. Check us out on Facebook to see hundreds of pictures of what we did at Avalanche this year!


Feel like you missed out? Join us next year for Winter Avalanche!

  • Junior Avalanche (4-6th Grade) – January 6-8, 2017
  • Senior High Avalanche (9-12th Grade) – January 20-22, 2017
  • Junior High Avalanche (6-9th Grade) – January 27-29, 2017


  • Students $85
  • Leaders $40

To register your child for Avalanche separately from a youth group, email our Program Director Robert Snow at robert@bigsandycamp.com or call us in the office at 218-426-3389.

Youth Pastors!

We need final gender breakdowns and preferably names of your campers by the deadlines below to hold spots for campers. Spots fill up quickly and we are not able to house more than 300 campers. Please don’t get left out in the cold!

THE DEADLINES TO HOLD SPOTS for your youth group are as follows:

  • Junior Avalanche – December 23, 2016
  • Senior High Avalanche – January 5, 2017
  • Junior High Avalanche – January 12, 2017