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Lakeview Lodge

lodging-lakeview-animationLakeview lodge is often the hub, or center of activity which is no surprise, after all that's where the popcorn machine, snack shop and gift shop are located! We like to say "the coffee's always on" at Big Sandy Camp. There are small gathering or lounge area's here and there to provide places to sit and visit. Lakeview chapel with seating for 250 is right next door to the dining hall.

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Oak Lodge

lodging-oak-animationDepending on the size and make-up of your group, Oak Lodge works very well for gender separation whether by building, by floor or by side. Multiple study groups can be underway at the same time with the use of the conference room, lounge and adjoining sleeping rooms. Like all of our facilities, Oak is just steps away from Birch Lodge and Fisher Chapel, the Gym and Lakeview Lodge.

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Birch Lodge

lodging-birch-animationThis lodge with attached chapel continues to be a favorite for larger groups including gatherings for speaking engagements, quilting groups or dramatic performances. Randy's moose watches over the foyer activities!

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Loon Lodge

lodging-loon-animationLoon lodge offers a smaller feel and is just far enough away from the hub of camp to be a great get away. Big Sandy's offices are also housed in this building, but tucked away so not to disturb any meetings or events going on in the lounge.

The fourteen individual rooms offer more a of a "Hotel" feel. Relax by the fire, grab a cup of coffee or a good book, spend time alone in the Word, or have a go at ping pong or foosball, whatever it may be for your smaller group, Loon Lodge is a good option.

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Pine Needle Lodge

lodging-pine-animationThe lake-side has two bedrooms with six beds total (one double). The landside has a shared ¾ bathroom and three separate bedrooms with a total of 10 beds.

Pine Needle land-side has three bedrooms, with a total of ten beds (one double)

Pine Needle is available to pastors and ministry staff at no charge. It is our joy to offer a place for mini vacations and getaways to those who serve so faithfully. Please call and check for availability.

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