What’s it all about?

It’s easy at times to look at an organization and wonder “what’s going on?”. We have completed our master plan, and we have strategic goals and deliberate plans to expand the ministry of camp. So maybe you’ve found yourself asking why?

Are we trying to become the Disney World of the north? No, not even close. Are we trying to have Hilton-like accommodations? Nope, missed again. Are we trying to become a five star dining facility? Hardly the case.

Our mission has been, and continues to be, “to touch hearts and change lives;” we are steadfastly holding to that mission. People use all kinds of excuses to stay home. “The chapel is too small, the beds are uncomfortable, there’s nothing to do, the food is bad…” you name it. The goal is to remove the potential for an unpleasant experience and present a place that is enjoyable in every respect so that people come to camp. The mission is to present the gospel of Jesus to every person who visits camp. This has been, and will continue to be, a place that God uses in a special way to reach people.

We’re not expanding to be fancy, nor are we trying to be the biggest and the best. We are trying to reach our world for Jesus Christ. Whether you are a second grader away from home for the first time, a high school graduate trying to figure out where you should land in the world, or an adult with a spouse and family back home, Big Sandy Camp wants to point you to Jesus. That’s what it’s all about.


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